Kratz Exclusive Jewellery offers an extensive range of jewellery and gemstones as well as an in-house design service. We only sell quality items and with a master goldsmith and registered Queensland valuer and gemologist available on site, you can be sure of receiving the very best advice.

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Circles of Unity Collection

In the words of the artist Ewald Kratz:

"I have tried to capture what to me is the essence of Australia – the colours of the gold in the collection represent the colours of the Australian Continent -The Reds of the outback, the desert sand and unique rocks and sunsets - The yellows of the sun, wheat and the dingo - The white of the gathering clouds on the horizon, the glint of sun on the foam of the ocean waves and the clean white sand of the beaches. The Universal form found in all cultures is the circle and dot and I have used this symbol to express the blending on the indigenous art of Australia and the International basic elements of design found in all cultures of the world. I have used these elements in combinations which create unique pieces of internationally fashionable Jewellery, which at the same time still capture something recognizable as uniquely Australian. I have called the collection 'The Circles of Unity' as I feel the forms used unite past, present and future as well as all the cultures and peoples that make Australia. The forms become part of an ongoing creative process, symbols from the beginning of time that will continue into the future."

Ocean Inspirations Collection

Liz and Ewald Kratz love the movement of the waves, the textures of the sea foam and the amazing creatures that inhabit this wonderland. These individual pieces are all 'one off' and the series is constantly evolving and being added to.

Opal Gold Collection

Ewald Kratz has been working on producing 'Opal Gold' for many years. Opal is the representative gem of Australia and it is this gem that inspired Ewald to try and achieve a gold with an 'Opal - like' play of pattern and colour. He suceeded and every year he creates a few individual 'one off' pieces in this special metal.

What is it? 'Opal gold' is solid 18ct and is a blending of red, rose, white, green and yellow gold with exceptional patterns and colour interplay.

Gents Rings
Custom Designs

Individual Gemstones: We offer a good selection of rare and quality gemstones and pearls for sale.

Jewellery: Catering to the discerning individual we offer a selection of exceptional jewellery. We also have an in-house design service specialising in unique, custom designed pieces for any special occasion. We offer a large range of Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Dress Rings, Pendants, Bracelets and Collector's Items.

Jewellery Insurance: Kratz Exclusive Jewellery have partnered with Q Report – who specialise in facilitating worldwide insurance coverage. We are delighted to say that this protection is available for our clients – at the touch of a button!